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Applications now open for September 2024

About the project...

Let's Go Sing!® is an innovative project which offers a fantastic opportunity for primary school pupils and teachers alike. We specialise in creating original songs that are perfectly suited for young voices aged 7-11. Our songs are fun, easy to learn and children just love singing them!

With a diverse collection of throught-provoking themes and topics, our songs are written in various musical styles such as pop, Rock, musical theatre, ballad, and even rap! Our project not only promotes music education to the highest standard, it meets several aims of the National Curriculum for Music. 

Get Involved!

Let's Go Sing!® is open to primary schools across Lancashire. Whether you have a small choir, a whole class, or an entire Key Stage 2, we can provide the necessary support to ensure your school can join in. 

At the end of the project, all schools come together across several nights to perform an amazing concert with a live band. The thrill of performing to over a thousand people is a truly life changing experience!

What you get

Our team of talented animateurs will deliver three dynamic workshops in school to help your children learn the songs. To support this learning we have a dedicated portal on our website which includes an array of resources such as lyric videos, sheet music and SEND lyric sheets. The children can access our KidsZone which is a completely safe portal separate to the school one, this enables them to continue learning the songs outside of school time. 

Additionally, we offer three teacher training sessions and the opportunity for teachers to learn and perform their own song at the concert (always a popular highlight!)

All of this comes with the amazing support we are renowned for. 

Your concert!

The main event! The concert is a night to remember and features accompaniment from our talented band, a professional host and help from our amazing team of animateurs who will support the children in their singing. 

But the star of the show is YOU!

This is your school's time to shine on stage! 

Take part in Let's Go Sing!® for an unforgettable cross-curricular experience that celebrates the joy of music whilst providing children with the necessary communication and confidence building skills to develop their musical abilities. 

What's the




All the






Delivered to your children in school by our talented animateurs. The children will learn the songs, harmonies,

the dance moves and

British Sign Language.

Access to our dedicated website packed

with training resources. These include sheet music, tracks, lyric videos,

SEND lyric sheets.

Everything you need!

Three teacher training sessions which provide ongoing support, training and guidance. The sessions help your build confidence and develop your

skills in music teaching. 

Tech support.

Thousands of children from over 130 schools raising the roof at King

George's Hall, Blackburn.

An incredible experience for all!

For only £415 per school!

Due to limited capacity at King George's Hall, availability is on a first come, first served basis. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How do I sign up?

Just drop us an email at

Want to know more?
Take a look at our video!


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